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Picture of Peter J. Rabinowitz

"[Canfield’s music] provides an ear-caressing string of delights."

Peter J. Rabinowitz
Fanfare Magazine
Picture of Eugene Rousseau

"The saxophone music of David DeBoor Canfield demonstrates the composer’s immense talent while exploring the many facets of the instrument’s enormous capabilities as a means of musical expression."

Eugene Rousseau
Professor of Saxophone (retired)
Picture of Marin Anderson

"David is the perfect example of a contemporary composer…whose works deserve recordings."

Martin Anderson
Fanfare Magazine
Picture of Mark Louis Lehman

"…an impressive body of work in his own persuasive and pleasing individual voice."

Mark Louis Lehman
American Record Guide

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Fulfilling Commissions

As a composer who has written works in various styles of older masters to the most avant-garde idiom, David DeBoor Canfield fulfills commissions in nearly every style.

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Compositions Catalog

Find publications, listen to recordings, watch performances, read reviews and program notes for over 150 official works as well as unofficial works and juvenilia.
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