Cello Rondo, A

for Cello and Piano

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Dedicated to “Any cellist brave enough to perform the work in public,” the joke of this work is mainly in its title: Each recurrence of the “A” theme is in a faster tempo, thus fulfilling the pun of accelerando. The work was originally written for a comedy album satirizing British psychic Rosemary Brown, who claimed to be writing down works by deceased composers such as Liszt and Chopin. Part of the joke was contained in the fact that on the record, I attributed this piece to one Othmar Schlußfehler, mentioning that Brown was not only taking down music from famous composers, but also unknown ones. The deliberately included gaucheries found throughout the work are akin to those Mozart wrote into his Ein musikalisches Spaß, and Schlußfehler (German for "mistake in the conclusion") is brought to full fruition by the grating dissonance at the very end of the piece.

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