Fanfare on “America”

for Orchestra

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Fanfare on "America" was commissioned by the Bloomington Pops Orchestra for the inauguration of its summer patriotic concert series, which was held annually in Bloomington for quite a few years to great popular success. The work was premiered on July 4, 1996 under the direction of its founding conductor, Dr. John Canfield (who also happens to have been my father) In its several performances to date, it has already been heard by audiences exceeding 40,000 people. In advance of its performances by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in the summer of 2007, I took the opportunity to slightly revise the work. After an introduction containing elements of the tune upon which the work is based, the full-fledged theme is heard in the woodwinds, quickly building to a powerful climax. In countries formerly part of the British Empire, permission is granted to perform this work under the title, Fanfare on "God save the King (Queen)."

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