Musica Superhumana No. 1

for Garritan Playback

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In 2003, I adopted the Finale music-writing program for all of my compositions. I quickly adapted to this versatile software, and once I discovered a number of tricks, I was able to compose more quickly than I ever could with pencil and paper, even though in the pre-Finale days I often wrote away from a piano keyboard. Of course, one of Finale's features is that it allows a composer to hear immediately through synthesized instrumental sounds what he or she has written. I began to think of writing a piece that would make use of Finale's ability to play back anything written into it regardless as how impossible the work might be for human performers. Thus, in 2006 I wrote just such a work, impossible of execution by any real performers. In it, I let my imagination just run wild, although I did attempt to give the piece some form and direction. In places, it resembles electronic music (which, in a sense, it is), but the sounds are all simply created by the Finale program playing back various sounds found in the Garritan orchestra. Future sequels to this piece are planned.

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