Mussorgsky: Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition

for Regina Music Box

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This work was written in conjunction with my interest in Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, and my archive of recordings, scores, and other materials devoted to this work, the largest in the world. When I purchased a Regina Music Box around 2015, I became aware of a company that would make custom discs for the player, even though it itself hasn't been produced for a good hundred years. My arrangement is commercially offered by the company that made it for me. Since the playing time of a 15.5-inch Regina disc is only about a minute, even the relatively short opening Promenade of Pictures had to be abridged by about half. Other factors bearing upon my arrangement included the lack of a complete chromatic scale of notes available on the music box, and the fact that the same note cannot be repeated too quickly. In keeping with the style of music-box arrangements, I also added a good bit of "filagree" to Mussorgsky's music.

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