Symphony after Vierne (Symphonie après Vierne)

for Organ

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This work was written in the French romantic style during a time in my graduate studies at Indiana University that I was much mesmerized by the French Romantic organ style. I wrote this at the keyboard of the 119-rank Rufatti organ at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and dedicated it to Diane Bish, former organist at that church. She also helped me registrate the work. I now consider it, despite the backward-looking style, to be my best work up until that point, perhaps along with my contemporaneous Violin Sonata No. 1. The title was belatedly changed after the work was premiered by Randall Mullins in 2015 to reflect later series of "after" works, those deliberately written in the style of earlier composers. Of all the French Romantic composers for the organ, Louis Vierne's organ symphonies have likely provided the most stylistic influence in this work, thus his name being appended to the title.

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