Toccata and Fugue in Eb Minor

for Organ

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    Anton Doornhein
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I originally wrote the Fugue of this work during my studies at Indiana University as I was working on my Masters Degree in Music Composition there, although I never showed this to my teacher, Bernhard Heiden as its style was very old-fashioned. Bach and Reger were likely my models. Without any prospect of a performance, I set the piece aside, but in 1996, I became convinced that I ought to complete it and write an accompanying Toccata. I composed that work in one day, on November 30th, in the piano studio of the store owned by my wife's and my friend Joy Rachor, who lived in Cookeville, Tennessee. The completed work was premiered by Anton Doornhein in Sneek, Holland on August 4, 1997, and later became my first published work.

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