Valse chromatique d’après Liszt

for Piano

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    Vinson and Anne Bushnell
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Valse Chromatique d'apres Liszt was written in 1977, the centenary of the death of the great pianist/composer. It was originally titled without the last two words, which were added when my "After" series began taking off. Thus I added this work as the earliest official work I'd written in this series, although there are a number of juvenile works in the style of Chopin, Bach, and Borodin which antedate this one. The Valse is dedicated to Vinson and Anne Bushnell, former landlords of mine when I was living in an old house they owned north of Bloomington. I was living there when I wrote this work, and also at the time I began my Ars Antiqua record business.

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