Yankee Doodle Fanfareture

for Orchestra

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    Bloomington Pops
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    This work also exists in a version for band.
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Yankee Doodle Fanfareture (prounounced fan-fair-eh-chur) was originally written for the Bloomington Pops Orchestra in 2001 to inaugurate that year's Picnic with the Pops. The premiere was conducted by Robert Stoll. The piece, in my judgment, was too long to be considered a fanfare, and too short to be named an overture, thus the concoction of the term fanfareture. The piece is short and to the point, utilizing the tune upon which it is based in various ways, including the use of snippets of it in sometimes discordant and comical fashion. The primary motivation for the piece was to have fun--whether in performance or in listening.

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